Time Management for Bloggers

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On Sunday I attended a brunch (well Kit and I both did). We sat around the table with fellow Chicago bloggers, many are members (hi) and we shared what we learned in 2014 and what we want to work on in 2015.

A lot of the bloggers said they wanted to be more mindful about attending events in the coming year. This means saying no to certain events, focusing on time management and striving for balance between blogging and the rest of life.

But, is “balance” really what we want?

I think the idea of balance puts too much pressure on us to devote equal energy to every aspect of our lives. Balance implies a scale and everything evening out, but that just isn’t realistic! It sounds too fragile. What if you get stuck in a rush-hour snow storm? (Last night anyone?) Is your life completely out of balance because nature got in the way?

Instead of focusing on balance, I suggest you embrace “blending” the different areas of your life.

If you’ve ever had your sister, mother, significant other help with a photoshoot, you’re blending. If you serve the meal you cooked and photographed to your family, you’re blending. If you’ve ever gone to a workout and then blogged about it, you’re blending. Wear an outfit for a post and a special event, you’re blending.

Doesn’t that feel more natural?

The key with blending is getting the ratio right for you and your life! For some, they’ve got a ton of time going to events after work. For others going to events is a drain on their energy. The key to blending is learning what your priorities are and then awarding those priorities the right amount of time.

I also think that thinking of time and tasks in terms of balance really stifles creativity. You can’t schedule inspiration. But if you’re living a balanced life you might not have the flexibility to run with inspiration when it strikes! Flexibility in how to use time is indispensable for bloggers, and all creative types.

Maybe you are the type of person who can do emails for an hour and walk away from them to work on something else but for me, compartmentalization just doesn’t work. Instead of doing daily tasks/to do lists I have a group of things to do each week. Putting the week timeframe around things is helpful when events or meetings or opportunities come up at the last minute.

I have the luxury of working from home so I can structure my workdays around client meetings but I still work at night sometimes (okay, most times). If you still work in an office from 8-5 think of ways you can blend your life before and after work.

None of us are just one thing so why put pressure on yourself to make your time serve just one purpose?

Erin Bassett is blog coach/mentor, a blogger at Color Me Styled, WCBC founder and jewelry maker. She’s also a wife, dog person and trying to figure out everything she’s allergic to (so far trees and tree fruits and cats).

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