Trips to Take After the Holidays

Trips to Take After the Holidays

We have officially reached the holiday season. Thanksgiving is only a day away and radio stations have already started playing the Christmas tunes. It’s crazy! During this time of the year, things can get a little hectic. Which is why we’ve got travel on the brain. It’s a good way to keep sane this holiday season, knowing that you’ll be able to escape the stress with a little getaway. Our bloggers are always on the go, especially our travel bloggers. Most of them have been across the pond a few times and know a thing or two about where to go after the holidays.

Curiosity and a Carry On

Curiosity and a Carry On is no newbie when it comes to travel. In her post “10 Days in London”, she describes her most recent trip to London. While in London, she explored some not-so-touristy spots, wandered around street markets and stopped at a few local pubs. Now doesn’t that sound relaxing?

O the Places We’ll Go


Ever thought about taking a trip to Iceland? Right then you probably thought to yourself, why would I want to go to Iceland when we have plenty of cold weather here? O the Places We’ll Go’s post on “A Guide to Reykjavik” will surely change your mind. Founder, Sarah, explains the reasons to travel to Reykjavik, Iceland isn’t just because of its natural beauty. This city is also filled incredible architecture, amazing street art and great restaurants.

Lattes, Life and Luggage

Trips to take after the holidays

Looking to take a weekend getaway with the girlfriends? Christine of Lattes, Life and Luggage’s post: “Taste of France in California” is a great guide for a quick trip to Napa Valley, California. Explore endless vineyards and breathtaking views all while sipping on the best vino in the country. Sounds pretty good to us!

Trip to take after the Holidays

In need of a little cheering up after the holidays? Why not head over to Dublin, Ireland, which has been named one of the “friendliest cities” in the world. Ally over at Tartally has a great featured post “Dublin Express Guide” written by her friend Caroline Federer. It’s chalked full of recommendations on where to eat, drink and shop in the historically rich city.


Have any travel plans for after the holidays? Where are you headed? 


Written by Ashlee O’Neil