WCBC’s Back In Session!

Hey There Bloggers!

Summer is technically winding down. (but no one tell Mother Nature… keep this beautiful weather coming lady!) Back To School time doesn’t have to be all about homework and gym class. For WCBC we are treating September like the start of the year. It is a time to get back into a routine, get back to our roots as an organization and get our wonderful members energized for some of the best blogging months of the year!

But first, how was your summer?? What did you all do? Where did you go? What did you eat? Who did you see? Do you still have your Oak Street Beach tan?

The co-founders had an exciting summer! Blair got hitched and spent a month in Asia, Erin booked a month long trip to Europe for October and became a style contributor for TheEverygirl and Kit music festival-ed, #YesWayRose-d and became a TV star.

And as you know we’ve had some changes in the WCBC administration. Lauren stepped down last spring but she’s been plenty busy traveling, touring and tasting all summer and she’s off to Germany next! Christine has officially been a New Yorker for a month and we couldn’t be prouder of her for chasing down opportunities in the Big Apple!

Our community has grown to over 160 members! We’ve got an awesome group of talented, creative and supportive bloggers. Our members are up to amazing things and all summer we were just trying to keep up! Going into fall we are excited to announce that WCBC is Back In Session. Here’s a taste of what we’re up to:

We’re also busy planning educational programming for you. Our Next Door sessions last spring were popular but we found it was difficult for everyone to get there. To help make it easier for you to attend we’re going to set up webinars on different blogging topics. First one is on Sunday Sept. 21 all about About Me pages. We’ll send out registration details soon!

In addition to setting up brand experiences and blogger education the collective started with the idea of growing exposure for all our members. The blog & our social accounts are a fabulous place for our members to get involved.

We’re always looking for blog content. If you’ve got an idea for a post for our blog send us a pitch! If you’ve got questions you want answered shoot us a line.

We use our Twitter account as a means of communication with you all but we’d love to hand over the reigns to our Instagram account! You can sign-up to do an Instagram takeover for a weekend and share your snaps with our 700+ followers.

We’ve got a pinterest account too. And it needs member love! We want you to pin your content to our boards. Follow us and then send us a message on Pinterest with a list of the boards you want to pin to and we’ll set it up.

We also love getting Friday Five round-ups from our members. We took a hiatus for the summer but let’s get the links going again.

(Sign up forms are all listed on the member’s only Insider Opportunities page.)

We hope you are as energized as we are! We’re going to have a fun end to 2014!