#WCBCChat Chicago!

Summertime in Chicago is a wonderful experience. The weather is beautiful and there is always something entertaining to do. What to do, though, is the real question? Google results may be overwhelming, but not to worry, the Windy City Bloggers were talking all things Chicago this past Monday. Below you will find a compilation of favorite restaurants, museums, patios & pools, activities and more!

We started off by asking our members what neighborhood they lived in and what their favorite part was. Read their answers below, and maybe you’ll discover a new neighbor or a new favorite neighborhood hangout!

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Next, our members shared some of their favorite hidden gems. Because what’s more charming and enjoyable than finding a hidden gem in your local ‘hood?

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Aside from the neighborhoods our members live in, they shared other areas they love exploring.

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Not only does Chicago have so many beautiful neighborhoods to explore, summertime in Chicago means event after event after event. What are some of our members favorite events? Find out below!

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Enjoying the weather while it lasts in Chicago is key. That’s why we shared some of our favorite patios and outdoor spots to hangout at.

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Dinner, drinks and events could start to add up and your wallet could start to hate you. Our members shared their favorite free Chicago activity.

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There is so much history and culture that shaped, and is currently shaping Chicago into the city that it is. There are so many museums that capture this all. Our members shared their favorite Chicago museums.

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Moving on from events and museums, where do our members love to eat? Read their answers below!

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Stepping it up from a casual dinner to date night, our members shared their favorite spots to go with their significant others!

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To end our chat, we shared some of our favorite things about Chicago. The question asked what your one favorite thing is, but can their be just one? I think that’s nearly impossible.

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Since there were so many restaurants and events being thrown around, below you will find a compiled list… time to start planning summer 2016 activities!!

  1. Portage Grounds Cafe
  2. Sutherlands
  3. Bistro Dragon
  4. Café Tola
  5. Loba Pastry + Coffee
  6. Bitter Pops
  7. Coffee & Tea Exchange
  8. Big Star
  9. Events in Millennium Park
  10. Windy City Smokeout
  11. Lollapalooza
  12. Navy Pier Fireworks
  13. Ravinia Festival
  14. Rose Angelis
  15. Parsons Chicago
  16. Expat
  17. Soho House
  18. The Hopleaf
  19. Le Creperie
  20. Plymouth
  21. Parlor Pizza Bar
  22. Free Museum Days
  23. Chicago Movies in the Park
  24. Oysy Sushi
  25. La Sirena
  26. Eat Fat Rice
  27. Mindy Segal
  28. Petterinos
  29. Maude’s
  30. Balena Chicago
  31. Bar Siena
  32. Summer House Santa Monica
  33. Bavettet’s
  34. Pub Royale
  35. Queen Mary Tavern
  36. Wood Chicago
  37. The Drake Hotel
  38. Buleria’s Tapas

That’s all for this week’s recap! Join us next week on Monday, May 2nd (yes, May!! Where has the time gone!! Wasn’t it just the New Year?!) at 7 pm cst on Twitter by using the hashtag #wcbcchat. Plus, as if you need an added bonus, next week’s chat is hosted by The American Club. We’ll be chatting about all things beauty and spa treatments!