#WCBCChat Recap | How to Make the Most of a Conference

Gearing up for the Windy City Blogger Collective’s first ever conference, “Blog Your Best 2016”, our Monday’s Twitter chat was focused on how to make the most of a conference.

There was a range of bloggers who have been to multiple conferences to bloggers who haven’t been to any. Some haven’t been to a conference due to expenses. Many conferences are not in Chicago, so that means on top of the expense of a ticket, there is travel, lodging and other various costs as well. Other bloggers are leery to go, because they are part-time bloggers. They were wondering if it was truly worth their time. However, for those bloggers who have been able to go have said that for what you pay for a ticket, travel, lodging and other aspects, you gain back and much more in the sense of knowledge, networking, meeting new bloggers and gaining that travel experience!

For those members who have been to conferences, here is a list below of the conferences they have gone to. With the links attached so you can read more on each conference!

    • Go Blog Social
    • Simply Stylist
    • Create Cultivate
    • Alt Summit
    • Blog Food Forum
    • BlogHer Food
    • Blissdom
    Eat Write Retreat

and several were excited to attend Blog Your Best 2016 next weekend!

For many bloggers, they were inspired to attend their first conference from the thought of making money blogging, enhancing their blogger skills and learning other necessary skill to have a successful site. For others, it was the location or free tickets!

The members who have attended conferences, for whatever reasons it may be, were able to hear some incredibly knowledgeable individuals and brands speak over various topics. Below you’ll find a list of some of the speakers, along with the websites where you can find them on the web!

The members also shared some of their favorite topics covered at blogging conferences as well as topics they wish to see covered. It was a great list, and majority of topics on the list below will be covered at Blog Your Best 2016! Here’s a list of some of the topics covered

  • Time-Saving Tips
  • Pitching Advice
  • Blog/Company Branding
  • Media Kit & Bookkeeping
  • Photography
  • Social Media Tips
  • Making Videos
  • Food Styling Techniques

Another life-saving question was answered- what do you wear?! Is it super casual, is it business casual?! Don’t waste your energy being anxious, staring at your closet for hours, or cleaning up after the “I have nothing to wear” tornado sweeps through your room- the members of WCBC did a wonderful job suggesting plenty of options on what to wear. First and foremost, wear something COMFORTABLE! You will be in this outfit all day, so plan accordingly. That doesn’t mean wear sweats, though! What was suggested was cute sweaters, a blazer & top combo, chambray shirt, jeans, flats or heels that aren’t uncomfortable. As Erin said, don’t forget your blogger staple, the statement necklace. It was also brought to the members attention to dress temperature adjustable!

Now that you have your outfit somewhat laid out, what on earth do you bring? It may come as a surprise to you, but you really don’t have to pack all that much. A notebook (or notebooks!), one or two pens, phone or camera, business cards, phone charger or a portable charger should be enough. If you don’t wish to write and need to bring technology to take notes on, it was suggested to bring an iPad or other tablet. Laptops could be very heavy! Don’t forget your open mind too, as Sarah Lagen from The Kissing Booth Blog reminded us!!

Don’t have business cards? Don’t worry below are a few sites for you to created customized business cards. Also below is a link from one of our members, Katina Beniaris at Katina Bonina, on how to make your own business cards!

Most importantly veteran conference goers shared their advice on how to make the most of a conference. Below were some fantastic tips!

Like every other chat, the members were asked what they were going to do to make their blog better this week. Find some answers below and ask YOURSELF what are YOU going to do to make your blog better this week? Happy blogging!

Join us next Monday, 2/1 at 7 pm CST to talk about all things Valentine’s Day!

You can find tickets to Windy City Bloggers Blog Your Best 2016 through this link here!