What to Expect at Blog Your Best 2016

Conferences can be a gamble, and we’ve been to good ones and not-so-good ones. That’s why, when we sat down to plan Blog Your Best 2016 we focused on practical, useful information. But even that doesn’t really tell you what you can expect.

So we’re going to lay it all out for you! Here’s exactly what to expect from Blog Your Best 2016.

First, the check-in process is going to be easy. You’ll simply have your name checked off of a list. Then you’ll head upstairs where a clipboard of information will be waiting.

Secondly, we decided early on that we would be sending each attendee home with hand-outs of information on each topic. We’ve found from past experience attending conferences and workshops the information that was sent home with us is the first to get used. We have over 15 pages of tips planned! Here are the sessions and the information that is being created for a handout:

  • Finding & Defining Your Niche > Defining Your Niche Worksheet, Questions to Ask to Tailor Content to Audience
  • Media Kits 101 > Tips for Writing an Elevator Pitch, Worksheet to Create Your Media Kit, Sample Media Kits
  • Working with PR Firms, Ad Agencies and Brands > Best Practices for Interacting, Understanding Timelines and Budgets, Key Differences between the Three
  • The Most Useful Tools You’re Not Using > List of the Tools
  • How to Take Better Photos > Backdrop Ideas, Lighting Tips, Manual Settings Guide, Phone Photography Tips, Phone Editing Apps, Shopping List (what our experts use)
  • Rakuten Marketing Keynote Panel – How to Pitch to Brands > Pitch Checklist, Sample Emails

Only our ticket holders will be taking these worksheets home! We’ve got our expert panelists weighing in on the content for each of these handouts and there will be plenty of space for notes right on the sheets so you don’t have to toggle between a worksheet and your notebook!

We’re also going to have the social handles printed for all the speakers and sponsors. How to enter the giveaways will be printed out too with the drawing times so you can make sure to get your entries posted in time. Sure blogging is a digital business but we are firm believers in the power of pen and paper!

Third, we are giving attendees plenty of opportunities to ask questions and to interact with the speakers. The speakers are well versed in their topics and they’re a part of designing the panel questions and worksheets.

All this week we are talking Blog Your Best 2016! What to wear, what to bring and more!