$5 Photography Trick / Alt Text and Naming Images

Kit’s $5 Photography Trick post a few weeks back has inspired a new series for WCBC. Each month we’re going to share a photography tip. Some might cost nothing except for some time, but if we recommend any equipment, we promise it’ll be affordable!

So, this month’s photography trick is actually free. (YAY!) We’re going to run through the importance of naming photos.

Each of our members have to submit a photo for their profile. I’d venture to say that close to 90% of the photos submitted are named “photo.jpg” or “headshot-new.jpg” or something equally as ambiguous. With 140+ members, and not having met many of you before you’ve submitted your application, these names make it very tricky for us to keep you all straight! We take the time to rename them before they’re uploaded to our site but there is a lesson to be learned for submissions in general.

If you are going to be sending in your photo to be used as a headshot for ANY website it is important that the photo is named after you. It is a simple as “Erin-Bassett.png” or “ErinBassett-ColorMeStyled.jpg” or whatever your name and blog name are. This will help the admin, moderator or editor of the site keep your photo straight!

Not only does it help the site you are submitting to, but it helps your SEO! And that is the main reason why you should be re-naming all of your photos. If you upload the photo to your blog named after your camera and the number your memory card gives it… all you are doing is advertising your camera and how many pictures you’ve taken. Not helpful to your blog.

If you are uploading an outfit, consider renaming the photo with your blog name and a description of the outfit seperated by a dash “-“. For example “Color Me Styled – red pumps – skirt – fourth of july style.jpg”

What this does is creates “alt text” for your image. Alt text is searched by Google and so someone looking for a 4th of July outfit image featuring red pumps will find your post! If you uploaded it as “SAM-8342.jpg” Google wouldn’t know what was in the picture and that reader would never find you.

It might take a little more time to rename your photos but it is worth it! By naming your photos this way you don’t have to worry about editing the HTML if you’re not into that sort of thing. The internet will do the work for you and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the new traffic!

By: Erin Bassett