The Compensation Question

Many bloggers struggle with finding a way to directly let brands know that they require compensation for their work. How can you bring up the topic right away without seeming rude?

I think that the best advice is to be polite, but direct, from the very beginning. Clearly ask what the brand is looking for, if it isn’t clear, and either ask what the compensation is, or tell them your rate. You don’t want to exchange a dozen emails before bringing up compensation, because that could waste your time and the brand’s time.

Here are some ways to tackle the topic:

Thanks for reaching out. I am familiar with your brand and am a big fan. My rate for a product review and giveaway is $___. I have attached my media kit for your reference. Please let me know if you would like to move forward.


Thank you for contacting me. Can you please provide some more information on how you would like to collaborate? I have attached my media kit, which contains my current rates. Please take a look and let me know if you would like to move forward.

Things can get awkward when brands try to convince you to do something for free because it will be great exposure. If you think that the opportunity could lead to some exposure, or if you are trying to build up your portfolio of brands you have worked with, you may want to go for it. Otherwise, it is ok to say no. I like to be direct:

Thank you for getting back to me. The work involved in taking and editing photographs, writing a post, running a giveaway, and promoting via social media would take 4-5 hours. I hope that you understand that, for this reason, I am unable to promote brands for free. Thank you for understanding.

How do you handle these situations?

By: Kit Graham