Blogging Advice from Bloggers

We have noticed some helpful and inspiring posts by our members offering blogging advice. So today we are sharing a roundup of some of the advice that we loved!

Ashlei’s of Kinks Are The New Pink wrote 10 Tips To Improve Your Blog Writing and she shared:

“Show Your Personality, Think about how you interact with your friends and family, what quirks in your personality come out when you’re around people you’re comfortable with?

Is there a certain way you talk? Specific words or phrases you enjoy using? Why not add those quirks into your posts?

Your readers want to feel they’re interacting with a real person, so give them a peek of your natural self. I guarantee they’ll find you and your content more relatable.”

Cait of Pretty and Fun wrote Five Simple Ways to Import Your Blog and shared a key tip for utilizing the power of Pinterest:

“Add a “pin it” button: This may require a bit of research (you bet it did on my end) but adding a “pin it” button to the images on your blog makes things really easy for your readers to share the content you work so hard to create. Pinterest is an amazing marketing tool for your blog in general, so why not let your readers help you out and do some sharing?”

Arin from Heart of Chic wrote Five Etiquette Tips for Bloggers. We especially loved #1 :

Blogging is such an amazing community. I’m truly blown away from all the love, and encouragement that fellow bloggers feed me! I think one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in my blogger journey is to support one another. I’ve said it before (here), but the Windy City Bloggers do a fabulous job of lifting one another up, and really showing genuine love, and support. This network wants everyone to succeed. We all learn from each other, right? So let’s lift each other up, and have fun. Leave all negativity, and jealousy behind! Ain’t nobody got time for that ;)”
Sara from Project Soiree shared What I Learned at Alt for Everyone and wrote:

“Set boundaries. Understand that your blog can’t be all things to all people. Define who you are and aren’t to have a clear vision for your blog and become “unforgettable”.

By: Kit Graham