Friday Five

Hey! Ariel here from style blog Ariel Peche. I hope you had a magical week, and happy Friday! Here are 5 of my favorite posts from this week.

  • I am in the process of moving and completely disorganized. Jennie from Actually Just Jennie had some great tips on how to organize your accessories which felt so relevant.
  • I typically find myself storing away any shoes that are not boots or sneakers for the winter. But Emily from Isn’t That Charming gave me some inspiration for rocking pumps in the cooler weather.
  • I love anything over the top, especially when it comes to outerwear. Victoria from The Rose Reserve featured 5 awesome faux fur pieces that are sure to make a statement, without breaking the bank.
  • I only have about 4 things in my cook/baking repertoire so I like to look for easy new things to try out. Caitlin from Public Lives Secret Recipes featured a dessert sandwich… The PB&J Pound Cake which I cannot wait to try out.
  • If it is versatile, I love it. And if it allows me to be creative, I love it even more. PS I Made This has an awesome DIY Convertible Zip Top that I definitely plan on making.

And last weekend I had the opportunity to take over the Windy City Bloggers’ instagram, I’ll admit, going into it I was a little uncomfortable. On my own account I can post whatever I want because I already know my followers like me, because they are following me. But WCBC is a whole different story since many of the followers are actual bloggers. I had to think more about my posting and was much more aware of my surroundings because I wanted to make sure to include what I was doing, and of course appear interesting :]. After the first post got a decent amount of likes I felt a bit more comfortable that these cool chicks were into my point of view.

At first the instahack seemed a bit like self-promotion, but I actually realized/learned a thing or two. So here are my take aways:

  1. I never normally post food pictures. And I love to eat. And people actually like to see what other people are eating.
  2. I don’t post enough on my own account.
  3. People who follow bloggers want to see what they’re up to, not just photos of the same outfits they and see on the blog.
  4. I could be putting in way more effort.

So glad I was able to partake in the instahack. Can’t wait to put my new perspective to good use!

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image via @WindyCityBlogCo #WCBCInstaHack