Friday Five

The Rose Reserve for WCB
Hi! I’m Victoria Rose–the voice of The Rose Reserve: the place where my fashion and beauty obsessions come to life. Despite being an Aquarius, I dislike February as it’s the worst month for Chicagoans–we are all so bored, cold, grumpy and ready to play outside! But I refuse to succumb to a life of black and white (and gray snow). Keeping a few vibrant pieces on rotation in your wardrobe (like what I dubbed my “Cookie Monster chic” coat above and also my bright gingham) will keep you cheerful and out of a fashion rut.

  • If electric blue isn’t your thing, let Fairly Yours’ Cold Weather Pastels inspire you. I adore (and need) the pink fedora Annelise featured!
  • Speaking of inspiration, Isn’t That Charming and the Fox and She launched a new site this week called Wandeleur (congrats!). On their site I can find everything I love to read about in one location plus beautiful photography for the Pinterest addict that I am. Visit Wandeleur to adorn, cultivate, explore, nest and savor.
  • Something I want to savor right now is bacon. Usually I have a terrible sweet tooth but lately I’ve been craving pancetta and researching places to quell my taste buds. Chicago Foodie Girl’s Monthly Brunchgasm hit the spot (pun intended). I actually think I drooled looking at her pictures. I’ve been wanting to visit the Southern for a while and now the deviled eggs with bacon jam (!!) convinced me.
  • I didn’t need persuading to know that as the saying goes, Paris is always a good idea. Marija of the Sportsanista shared her guide to Paris featuring topics like dining and sightseeing and even helpful apps to download. If you’re a bon vivant, her review will have you planning your trip to the City of Light tout de suite.
  • Paris is known for its light and romance, but Chicago can be a romantic place too! When Cedar & Rush’s Nicole Regan shared the story of how she and her husband met and planned their wedding in Chicago — I was excited to read their charming beginnings and see pictures from their celebration. She also mentioned that she’s trying to share more personal anecdotes, which for many bloggers is something we wonder about — how information should be shared and do people even want to know. Nicole’s article is the perfect example of indulging readers’ voyeuristic side and connecting with an audience on a more intimate level.

I’m off to revel in a “House of Cards” season three marathon now! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and have a fabulous and sparkling weekend!