Spring Forward Edition of Friday Five

Well bloggers – no one signed up for this week’s Friday Five (signup is on the Member Opportunities page) so in honor of daylight savings I’ve put together 5 things to do for Spring Cleaning when it comes to your blog.

  1. Check all social links, side bar widgets and menu links to make sure they’re working. Style bloggers if you have a “shop” widget or page make sure items are still available or just build a new spring boutique.
  2. Update your footer / copyright text if needed.
  3. Review your policies (or write them) and make sure all past sponsored posts meet FTC disclosure standards.
  4. Update social account page photos with more springy images and check for consistent headshots across all accounts.
  5. Plan your content because in a few weeks it’ll be light enough after work to get pics taken!

So let yourself sleep in a bit on Sunday, check your smoke detectors and enjoy the fact that spring is almost here!

image via The Budget Decorator via Pottery Barn