Friday Five

Cheers to the first week of fall! Oh, and happy Friday!

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Well, we’ve made it to everyone’s favorite season of the year! Here are a few other favorites for this week’s Friday Five:


(Image via Every Which Way)

  1. Emilie Bruyere, from Every Which Way shared this classic look with a quick history lesson on black and white fashion.


(Image via Katina Bobina)

  1. Katina, from Katina Bobina, gave some incredible tips on how to give your bathroom a DIY makeover.


(Image via Sparkles and Sprinkles)

  1. Megan, from Sparkles and Sprinkles fills our need for pumpkin-flavored everything with a recipe for white chocolate pumpkin cake balls


(Image via Haute Tempered)

  1. Molly, from Haute Tempered, gave us the holy grail of fashion books you must read if you want to be in the fashion biz.


(Image via South of Yankee)

  1. And finally, Amanda, from South of Yankee, shared her round up of the perfect shoesto embrace the fall season.