Media Kit Essentials

Every blogger needs a media kit. It is the best way to introduce yourself to a brand and having one on hand is a huge timesaver. Here are the essential things that need to be part of every media kit:

  • Your name, email address, and phone number
  • Your Google Analytic Statistics
  • Your number of subscribers
  • Your social media following
  • A list of brands you have worked with before
  • A summary of who you are and what you blog about
  • A list of services you offer

Make sure your media kit is an easy to print PDF. Be sure to updated it periodically – and especially when you have worked with a big new brands, or your stats have increased.

By: Kit Graham

  • Thank you, Kit! Do you have any examples that you can share? I’d love to prepare a Media Kit, and was just ask for one today. Aside from Pinterest and Googling examples, I am not sure where to start. Thanks again!

  • Kit! Woah! Super helpful information 🙂 Thanks so much for the heads up about this at the Raukuten meeting. I’ve been meaning to make a media kit, and thanks to that boost (and this article) I finally did! I agree with @chritiques:disqus that samples would really help. Maybe we could do a media kit workshop night and critique each others? 🙂 Thanks again!!

  • This is insanely helpful! I know we talked about it at Blog Your Best but it’s nice to see here as well. I’m making mine now and this helped me make sure I have everything!!