How To Get Press Passes

Find an event that you want to cover for your site? Why not ask for press passes? Here is a little guide to making a pitch for press passes.

  • Go to the events website and see if there are instructions for media registration or press pass requests.
  • Fill out any form to make the request. If there isn’t a form, find an email address for a contact person.
  • Make it personal – in addition to any form, write a letter introducing yourself. Explain why you want to go to the event, and why they should want you to go. Tell them who you are, what you blog about, how you can help promote the event, and how you plan to cover the event on your site and/or social media. Keep in mind that writing about something after the fact is great – but often promotion and linking to the event’s website so your readers can buy tickets to the event is better.
  • Share your social media stats, and say that would will be happy to use any designated hashtags to create buzz on social media during the event.
  • Attach your media kit to your email.

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By: Kit Graham