Friday Five: June 8, 2018

Happy Friday everyone! My busy schedule this summer and the bipolar, yet such beautiful weather we have been having lately has definitely put off my fitness plans that I had this summer to rest. On a long day, all I want to do is come home and curl up in a ball. BUT when it’s a beautiful day out, all I wanna do is stay far from the gym and enjoy the fresh air and explore the city! With that being said, I decided to do a round up post of  some of our favorite fitness and wellness bloggers to share with you all How We Can Stay Fit Together this Summer!

Among Other Things: If you are looking for a blog to read about fitness tips, wellness advice, outfit inspiration, and more..head to her blog! Hallie is a Midwest native born from Ohio, who now resides in Chicago. Click on her most recent post to read up on 50 Way to a Healthier You.


Almonds & Asana: Victoria uses this blog to share her thoughts on  health, wellness, and mindful lifestyle tips for being more of an activist in your everyday life. Her aim is to create a place where learning about ourselves and others through food, fitness and even feminism helps us to become better citizens. Victoria is a mom-to-be and in her most recent post she had written about Her Journey With Yoga While Pregnant. For all you moms and yogi’s out there, click on the link to read!


Lows to Luxe: Shaheen’s blog was born from the love of mixing all types of price points to create a fun and attainable style. She now shares everything from fashion & style to recipes, beauty, travel & interior design! In her most recent she updates us on Classes, Gym Memberships, and Everything in Between.


Ambitious Kitchen: Monique’s blog is a health focused food blog with beautiful, creative recipes and feel good inspiration! Outside of the kitchen she’ll share fitness inspiration, her travel adventures,  products that she’s loving, and maybe a few photos of her cat, Milly. In her most recent post she shares a Fitness Plan + 10 Ab Exercises in 10 Minutes!


Erin’s Inside Job: Erin is a recovering addict, personal trainer, and lover of food. Follow along as she shares about mental illness, donuts, and everything in between. In her most recent blog post, she writes about 5 Things in Fitness I No Longer Does!


xo — Bree