Why You Need to Dump BoardBooster

Word on the street internet is that BoardBooster is causing some problems for Pinterest users – and you might want to ditch the tool. BoardBooster is popular among bloggers because it allows users to loop pins so that they are regularly re-pinned. This was beneficial because Board Booster lets users set up schedules for re-pinning and then it does all the work.

The bottom line – BoardBooster was helping bloggers to get their content seen on Pinterest, without them having to manually pin.

So why am I telling you to dump BoardBooster?

BoardBooster is not Pinterest approved, and in order to facilitate the schedule of re-pinning, BoardBooster is repeatedly accessing your Pinterest account, sometimes from different locations all over the world. And this behavior makes your Pinterest account look like a spam account.

BoardBooster is causing Pinterest to mistake some legit Pinterest accounts – that users have spent years and years building – for spam. And they are being shut down.

So what should you do? If you want to be safe, turn BoardBooster off. Most bloggers think that it just isn’t worth the risk. And remember, whenever you use an unapproved tool to manage a social media account, you are taking a risk.

And if you are wondering about Tailwind – there is a big difference between BoardBooster and Tailwind to consider: Tailwind is a Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner, BoardBooster is not. This means that Tailwind is safe to use, while BoardBooster is a bit risky.