Friday Five with Caitlin from Sophisticaition

friday five with caitlin from sophisticaition

Hey yall, Caitlin here from Sophisticaition. Hope you enjoyed my insta takeover last weekend! I am off to Purdue to visit some friends and watch some good ole Big Ten basketball. Not too upset about the $3 32 oz margs either! I have rounded up my favorite posts of the week and I hope you love them as much as I do 🙂

friday five with caitlin from sophisticiation

Social Media: The Difference Between Self Expression and Self Obsession by Ashlee O’Neil

This article by Ashlee is honestly impeccable. You probably know she can host some great WCBC events, but this girl can write! All of us love a good selfie, but sometimes social media paints a different picture than reality. A good reminder about keeping our feet on the ground and using social media for good! So proud of her for getting this post picked up by an online publication!!!

friday five with caitlin from sophisticaition

Houndstooth Cardigan by Bowtiful Life

I am in love with Megan’s patterned cardi! Perfect for the awkward weather that is winter in the morning and full on spring in the afternoon that we are currently experiencing. I also just love big cardigans like this that keep me comfy and cozy alllll day long.

friday five with caitlin from sophisticaition

New Favorite Apps by Prep Essentials

Olivia always seems to be ahead of the game, whether it is clothes, makeup, and now apparently apps. She has some great suggestions of apps to use for productivity, blogging and photo editing!

friday five with caitlin from sophisticaition

Loaded Guacamole by Bits + Bites

Katie is a girl after my own heart… This guac looks incredible! I’ve never made homemade guac before, but she has inspired me to try. Whip this out at a weekend party and you will instantly become everyone’s #1 on their MySpace Top 8 (just playing… unless you have MySpace still, that’s cool too….)

friday five with caitlin from sophisticaition

Our Favorite Cozy Sweaters Under $100 by Allie’s Fashion Alley

Allie has mad style, and she found the best sweaters under $100 so that if you’re balling on a budget like me, you can look glam and still save that money. There are so many different styles included that there is sure to be one for everyone! The one Allie is wearing is houndstooth and I absolutely adore it – are you catching onto a theme here?! Maybe I should have gone to Bama…

That’s it for me! Hope every one of you lovely ladies has a great weekend! Follow my college town adventures on my Instagram and read my recent posts at