How To Use Pinterest’s Group Boards

Pinterest can be a blogger’s best friend. It is the most “clickable” social media platform and it is easy for posts to go viral. But it can be hard to build a following for your own account so how do you get your content seen?

Group Boards.

There are group boards for almost everything and they’re moderated by some influential bloggers. They require an invite so the moderator may review your content before letting you in. But they’re communities for you to add your blog’s content to and for you to share content from other’s to your account’s boards.

Here’s how to use Pinterest’s group boards to increase traffic to your blog:

  1. Join Group Boards
  2. Pin High Quality Content
  3. Be an Active Member

Let’s break down these three steps further.

Join Group Boards

First you have to find group boards to join! Windy City Blogger’s boards are all group boards that are open for our members to contribute to. Another way to find group boards on Pinterest is to simply Google it. Others have put together lists that you can tap into. If you find a board that is a fit for your content email the moderator and ask to join.

Once you’ve joined a group board or two it is vital to be a valuable member.

Pin High Quality Content

There are a few must-dos when you’re creating content to share on Pinterest. The photo is vertical/portrait orientation. The description includes descriptive keywords. The Pin must link to the content it promises.

You’re more likely to be accepted to group boards and keep your membership if you are adding high quality content. Some specific examples:

  • Recipe Boards – step-by-step pins do well so master your collage making skills
  • Fashion Boards – pins that cut off the blogger’s face do better so make sure you take that “Pinterest Photo” during your photoshoots
  • DIY Boards – again step-by-step pins make it easy for the person to see what is involved
  • Blogging Boards – add words to your photos to create a “poster” for your content

These are just some starting points for adding high quality content to Pinterest group boards. The most important thing -for all social media platforms- is to BE SOCIAL!

Be an Active Member

This means you’re not just adding your content to the board and logging off. Click through to content from other members, if you like it repin it to one of your account’s boards. Follow some or all of the group members. Leave comments on pins you’re drawn to.

With multiple bloggers contributing to the content on the boards you’re likely to gain new followers from those bloggers and anyone who follows the board. And if they’re being active members it is likely they’ll repin your content to their personal boards which puts your content in front of their followers.

Pinterest takes some time and effort but you get out of it what you put in. Joining Pinterest’s group boards to get more exposure is a way to kind of skip the line a bit!