How to Win at Pinterest


Bloggers at WCBC repeatedly ask about what they can do to improve their blogs. One thing Kit and I talk about is the importance of using every platform to reach as many people as possible. More specifically, we talk a great deal of the importance in establishing a presence on Pinterest. Many new bloggers aren’t fully aware of the true power behind Pinterest. I’m here to help with that! Here are a few tools that will help you be successful on Pinterest:



I think we can all agree bloggers are always looking for ways to help cut down time spent on marketing their blog. That’s where Tailwind comes into play — the application allows you to schedule pins at the most ideal times throughout the day. The best part about it is that it allows you to schedule anything you find while browsing the Internet. Just like the Pinterest button, you can install a Tailwind button into your browser. Check it out here.



So you have really great content and it’s not getting the traction you would like? Think about registering for BoardBooster. This program allows you to set up secret boards that will continuously cycle through content at the most effective times.  It will help your followers see images and posts they might have missed while browsing. Make sure to have a good amount of content to work with so posts don’t pop up too frequently. Learn more about BoardBooster here.

Pinterest Group Boards 

I love to see when one of our bloggers’ pins goes viral. Even though that level of success takes time, it can be accomplished by actively joining Pinterest Group Boards. What are these groups you ask? They’re essentially groups of bloggers who support one another by repinning one another’s content. Here at Windy City Bloggers we have group boards for every type of blog. I highly suggest joining as many Pinterest group boards as possible, as long as they are applicable to your blog. But before you start signing up, make sure to read this. It will help guide you through the process of joining boards.



Images are everything. You’ll want to make sure you have graphics that will attract readers. Canva is a simple and easy tool. I enjoy using it for Pinterest graphics because it allows you to save templates. All you need to do is decide on a font for your post heading and a high-quality picture and you’re all set!

There’s a ton of online resources for Pinterest marketing. If you haven’t checked out Peg Fitzpatrick yet, she’s the co-author of The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users and has multiple classes on Skillshare. One, in particular, focuses on the basics of Pinterest. There are good tips for those who are just starting their Pinterest journey.

Written by: Ashlee O’Neil

Have any tools you really like to use? Feel free to share with us down below!