May 4, 2018: Posts We Love

Happy Friday everyone! Yes, I can genuinely say happy because Chicago is finally getting some warm weather and summer vibes around the corner. After what felt was 5 months of winter, us bloggers can get excited about patio season and being able to shoot outside, in those hidden gem areas that Chicago has to offer! Weather you are a beginner at blogging or been at the game for over five years, it is always good to learn more about what you can do to make your blogger better. This Friday I am doing a wrap up of Posts We Love this week about a couple of or favorite Chicago Bloggers who have some words of wisdom insight about blogging:

Little Black Blog: The Little Black Blog is a Chicago based personal life, style and beauty blog sharing affordable and classic ways to inspire your day to day lifestyle. In Katie’s most recent post, she shares with her readers about 5 Tips to Actually get a Blog Pitch Read by a Publicist. She touches base on who to reach out to, spilling the deets, spell check, telling the brand how it will benefit from the partnership, and so on and so fourth. Head over to her blog and give it a read!


Lex and the City: Lexi Holden embraces city life + style with everything in between including fitness, travel and beauty. She is  originally from Orange County, California, and have lived in the beautiful city of Chicago for 7 years. Her blog is used to inspire her readers to find the perfect outfit, go on an epic adventure, or find a love for a big city like she does, and hopes above all else it inspires you to be yourself and do great things. In her most recent post she writes about Photography and Blogging Tips: A Beginner’s Guide. She touches base on starting a blog, content, planning, photography tips for beginners, and more! Head over to her blog for you beginner bloggers!

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Blogging For Keeps: Blogging For Keeps is run by Jess Keys and Blair Staky, who also run their own blog! This blog is mean to bring people together, form friendships that will  last a lifetime! They have created this community specifically for bloggers who are serious about turning their hobbies into hustles. In this oldie but good post, Jess touches base on How to Balance Blogging with a Full-Time Job! For those have you working a 9-5 job and also blog part-time, this is definitely worth the read.


Lake Shore Lady: Lauren’s blog is all about living your happiest and healthiest life. Love style? Cooking? Fitness? Chicago? If any answer is yes, then she hopes you’ll stay a while for the ride. We have featured Lauren many times in the past, but she is too cute not to post about! In another oldie but goodie, Lauren writes about her Top 10 Blogging Tips. Click on the link to read up on learning as much as you can, networking, how to use a dslr camera, and more.


Happy blogging!

xoxo —Bree