Resource Roundup #1

This resource roundup focuses on Instagram hashtags, tax season and tools for your blogging business. 

Welcome to the first Resource Roundup on WCBC!

In between cooking and photographing, I read a lot of blog and business posts on the Internet. There is a wealth of information out there, for free, and I have been bookmarking and pinning all of it for months.

So you can use your time planning fashion shoots, recipes or Chicago dining adventures, I am going to start sharing all of my finds here with you.

Resource Roundup

Don’t press publish on your next blog post before reading this checklist.

Instagram is always changing and so is the advice on hashtags. Check out The ultimate guide to Instagram hashtags and these tips for choosing the best hashtags for Instagram for some of the latest tips.

It’s tax season! Tax tips for bloggers.*

Windy City Bloggers Resource Roundup 1 |

Doing sponsored posts and making money with your blog? How to not feel guilty for charging what you are worth.

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Plugins for Creative Entrepreneurs – PDF here.

10 Tools to Create Your Blogging Empire (Trello is my fave blog/organizing tool right now.)

Common contract mistakes to avoid! *

*When in doubt, always contact a professional (accountant or lawyer) for definitive answers to your tax and contract questions.

WCBC Articles to Revist

How to Add Your Site to Bloglovin’ – Joining Bloglovin’ is a great way to reach new blog visitors and readers.

How to Crop a Circle in Photoshop – perfect for product features, gift guides and roundup featured images.

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By: Jenny Bullistron