#WCBCChat Recap: Spring Cleaning Your Blog

Hey everyone! I’m back! Last week was hectic, to say the least, so my apologies that there wasn’t a recap. No worries, though, I’ve got your recap for this week’s chat- “Spring Cleaning Your Blog”… because who doesn’t love spring cleaning?? With the weather making a turn for the better (so we think, honestly who knows living in Chicago), there is no better time than now to include your blog in your spring cleaning. Let’s dive in to this week’s chat.

To start off, we gave the members a true or false question. “True or False: I’m always tinkering with the layout/design of my blog.” With SO many layout, widget, and many more options out there- it was interesting to see what our members had to say. Find some answers below!

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Next, we asked our members “When was the last time you updated your blog’s design?” as well as “Why did you update it?” There is no real clear answer on when the time is right for you to update your blog. Whether you want to take it to the next level, do a re-brand, or what-have-you, you will know when it is time. Depending on your reason “why” for the update, you may be doing a major redesign or just some minor “face-life” tweaks. Read some of our members’ answers below to see when and why they decided to last update their blog’s design.

2-1 2-2 3-12-33-33-2

Moving on from the layout of the blog and onto “About Me”, “Press” and “Contact” pages, we asked our members how often they update those pages. Check out some of our members answers, and decide how often is right for you to update your pages!


4-1 4-2

On your blog, you most likely have links on your home page, and pages throughout your site. Do you actually check to see if they work?? Do our members? Read their answers and decide how often you should check to make sure links are working correctly!

5-1 5-2

Moving on, we talked about how often we all update our Media Kits…. the two words you CONSTANTLY hear in the blogging world. It is your blogging “resume” after all, so it should be updated fairly consistently. Find out how often some of our members update theirs below.

6-1 6-2 6-3

Lastly, per usual, we asked our members what they are going to do this week to make their blog better. Read their answers, become inspired and make your blog the best it can be for this week!

7-1 7-2 7-3 7-4 7-5

Thank you to everyone who participated in this week’s #WCBCChat! Interested in joining next week? You can find us all on Twitter on Monday, 3/28, at 7 pm cst using #WCBCChat. We will be discussing outdoor workout tips. Happy blogging, everyone!