#WCBCChat Recap: Outdoor Workout Tips

With the weather getting warmer and with the days of frostbite warnings long gone, the members of Windy City Bloggers gathered on Twitter to discuss outdoor workout tips.

Per usual, we started out with a true or false question. We asked our members if they would rather workout outside than in a gym. What would you rather do? Compare your answers with some of the members below!

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Next, everyone discussed their favorite outdoor activity. From running to yoga, our members covered it all. Tired of your outdoor routine, or just open to try new things? Read some answers below, and maybe find some new workout inspiration!
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With there being no gym memberships required to workout outdoors, our members shared some of their favorite workout spots. If you’re looking to explore new scenery and discover more of the city- check out some of our members’ favorite spots.

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Lots of different workouts require various props/equipment. Depending on what workouts our members are performing, depends on what equipment they bring along. From gadgets to running shoes, read their answers below!

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Like most things in life, when you first start working out you will probably have to start at a “beginner” level. AKA you’re not going to get out there and run a full triathlon when you first start. If you do, then more power to ya, but I’m not sure if you would be human if you did that. Our amazing members gave some great, motivational advice for those individuals who are just starting out. Be sure to read through all the answers below!

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For people who are or aren’t just starting out, working out in groups is a great alternative to working out solo. Whether it is group fitness classes or running groups, find out what groups some of our members belong to. Maybe join one of the listed ones yourself! Lots of our members were looking for suggestions both in Chicago and in the suburbs- leave a comment below if you have a group fitness class or club that you belong to!

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Downsizing from groups to workout buddies, our members answered if they have a workout buddy. Looking for one? Read some of our members answers below!

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Do I sense a WCBC workout group forming for the summer??? I’m sure a decent amount of members would be interested!!

Don’t worry, we did discuss what we like to wear during our outdoor workouts. First and foremost, wear what you feel comfortable in! For me, some days it is a dry fit workout tank top, other days it is a XL tshirt from the thrift store. Read some more answers from our members below!

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As I’m sure most of you know, there is a vast amount of apps and wearables to track your fitness/health goals. Which one, or ones, do you pick?? Personally, I use MapMyRun for outdoor runs and I use MyFitnessPal to track my calories/macros throughout the day as well as tracking workouts such as spin class. I just log that I cycled for 50 minutes and it computes calories for me. It might not be the mooooost accurate, but for me it gets the job done. Read some more of our members answers below!

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Fueling your workout is a must. You need to be sure that you are getting enough food to have enough energy for your workouts. Now that doesn’t mean eating a family size bag of chips… I’m saying find out what some of our members eat to fuel their workouts! Pinterest also has some great ideas (not that our members’ ideas weren’t great)

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Unlike the nice, indoor aspect of a gym, the weather can sometimes affect your outdoor workout. Do some of our members still workout even if it is raining? Read their answers below.

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Last, but not least, we ended by asking our members what they are going to do to make their blog better this week. Read their answers, become inspired and make your blog the best it can be this week. Interested in joining the next chat? You can find us on Twitter using the hashtag #wcbcchat. This upcoming Monday, April 4th (how is it already April!!!!) at 7 pm cst, we will be discussing Weddings 101 with Exhale Spa!

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