Friday Five

Hi ladies and gents! I’m Mary Beth of MBZ Interiors, where I write about …… you guessed it – interior design. I’m so happy to be hosting Friday Five. I’ve been a member of the WCBC for over a year now. I can’t thank the WCBC enough for everything that the group has afforded me. I’m having a blast meeting new people and learning new things about blogging and how to properly promote my business on social media. Years ago, you would have had to pay big bucks for mass advertising to get your name or business information out in the world. I’m so grateful to be running my business in this century where convenience and opportunity abound!

I hope you’ll visit my blog once in awhile for some decorating inspiration. It’s my 2 year anniversary since deciding to open my own business. In celebration, I’m having a BIG Sale so be sure to check out my Services Page for more information.

  • Speaking of celebration, next time you reach a milestone as a blogger, will you be able to make a celebration cake as beautiful as this made by Chrissy of the Hungary Buddha?
  • Sometimes I’m all thumbs at baking or making anything, particularly crafts! It’s tempting to try some though when you follow Albion Gould. Talk about a woman that’s doing everything – blogging, raising young children and crafting – and she does it all in one day!
  • I’m pretty good at cooking and eating. I lately stumbled on Mary’s blog, Blossom to Stem. She’s a terrific writer, has beautiful photos of her meals and anyone who has recipes so well organized and easy to find is #1 in my (cook)book!
  • I have to stop eating so much because spring is on its way. Katie’s blog, Dining at My Desk is a great place to go to get yummy recipes but she reminds you to eat mindfully. She’s a terrific writer too and just a nice supportive member to get to know.
  • And it’s Friday y’all, so if you want to shake your groove thing be sure to head over to Tamara’s blog Broke in the City. She’ll have something for you to do and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

xxxo Mary Beth