Blogging and Vacationing

Do bloggers ever really unplug? Sometimes I think we tweet and instagram even more when we are away because we want to take our readers with us when we travel. Here is what it can be like to be a blogger on “vacation”:

– Get press passes! There are bound to be fun events happening where ever you are heading, so why not play the blogger card and get press passes for free access?

– Find a friend to go with you – you need someone to help take photos.

– Pack every electronic device you own so you can be in constant contact with your readers via blogging and social media.

– Pack the perfect outfits because vacations are photo opportunities!

– Select a hashtag! Every vacation needs a hashtag, right?

So I am joking, and I am not at the same time, and I am sure that my fellow bloggers find themselves doing the same things. Traveling can be a great way to show our readers something new, so we want to bring them with us. Sometimes I schedule travel around events that I want to cover on my site. Plus, sometimes being a blogger can earn you press passes to events, or other unique opportunities. If you are considering covering an event on your site, see if you can get a press pass. It never hurts to ask. If you want to meet the reign Lobster Roll Champion, send him an email saying that you are a blogger and request an interview. Blogging can definitely open the door to some fun experiences. It can also make us the most annoying traveling companions ever. It is a fine line, folks.

I am heading to the Kennebunkport Festival tomorrow, and am guilty of packing a laptop, a DSLR, an extra lens, an iPad, an iPhone and all the chargers and connecting wires that go with everything. This is because I plan to be blogging while I am in Kennebunkport, and I want to ability to upload and edit photos.

Like many bloggers, I will be chronically my vacation through the (perhaps aggressive) use of social media. You can follow along by searching #kitinkpt

What are your thoughts? Do you end up blogging or using social media when you are away?

By: Kit Graham