Conquer Twitter with Lists

Twitter can easily become a bloggers’ favorite social platform. We have the ability to easily interact with other bloggers, thought leaders and even celebrities! We can quickly get our information out to our readers and can get instant feedback from them as well.

But following hundreds of people and brands on twitter can be overwhelming and make it more difficult to find the information we really want! You can sort your self curated news feed with lists in twitter. Even if you don’t think of yourself elf as a list person, lists on twitter will help you navigate the constant flow of new information.

WCBC has 3 lists on our account; places we go, brands we love and windycitybloggers (a list of all our members). I have 8 lists to help me organize the people that I follow so I can quickly find the latest details from PR pros, bloggers, magazines and publications, designers and my nearest and dearest family and friends.

If organizing your own lists sounds daunting you can subscribe to any public list that another tweeter has created. So you can subscribe to our windycitybloggers list and follow all your fellow members!

You can access the lists on the mobile app on your account page, or if you use hoot suite you can set up your dashboard to stream lists.

By: Erin, Color Me Styled