Friday Five: April 13, 2017

“Hey Chicago, what do ya say? The weather is  going to be 70 degrees today!?” Happy Friday everyone! I know, we all find it a really hard to believe on how much of a tease this weather has been lately. Well, hopefully spring truly is around the corner. With that being said, I have rounded up a couple of Chicago’s favorite food bloggers and what you all should be whippin’ up in the Chicago with your friends, as this warm weather slowly approaches!

What You Should be Making in the Kitchen this Spring:

Honey and Birch:  Jenny B is a self-taught home cook.  Before she met her hubby,  she truly found it difficult to boil an egg and cooked mainly with the microwave.  Then when she met Mr. B – that man eats enough at each meal to feed a family of four.  So she quickly learned that cooking was a life skill that needed to be learned, and fast. In Jenny’s most recent post she makes a refreshing Blueberry Lemon Smash Rum Cocktail. Head over to her blog post to get the steps to make this drink for the warm days ahead of us!


Regan Baroni: Regan was formerly an art director in advertising, she left her career to pursue photography full-time. In her experience, the photography industry has become over-saturated with unnecessary bells and whistles and too many cooks in the kitchen, resulting in high overhead costs and watered down images that are blending in rather than standing out. So on top of shooting delicious food, she also makes recipes and is a food blogger. Check out Regan’s post on Pomegranate Salsa and Ricotta Flatbread recipe to follow, for those summer nights you will be hosting to have a couple of your closest friends over!


Smile Sandwich:  Jordan is the creator of Smile Sandwich. Just a young gal in Chicago with a serious passion for food. She never met a pizza I didn’t like and could never imagine a life without donuts, and when she’s not eating … chances are she’s thinking about food. In her most recent post, Jordan has created a Ham, Mushroom, & Leek Sweet Potato Crust Quiche. Cut up some fresh fruit on the side and you have created a delicious breakfast!


Lake Shore Lady: Lauren’s blog is all about living your happiest and healthiest life. Love style? Cooking? Fitness? Chicago? If any answer is yes, then she hopes you’ll stay a while for the ride. Lauren’s homemade recipes are to-die-for. In her most recent post she creates Easy Roasted Grape Tomato recipe. Easy vegetable/fruit to throw into any recipe. I personally love throwing them in my pesto pasta and that is exactly what Lauren was making this for! Head over to her blog to read up on what else you can throw this delicious side for your next meal.


The Kittchen: Kit Graham is the founder of The Windy City Blogger Collective AND The Kittchen . She loves cooking, eating, traveling, and writing all about it is a dream come true. Her goal is to inspire you to get into the kitchen and cook at home, try new restaurants when you are dining out, and to travel to new destinations. In her post recent post, she created an easy recipe for an Avocado Cheddar Grilled Cheese with an Egg in the Hole! Easy-to-make and pair up with a cocktail. Head over to Kit’s post to make this for your next meal.


Writing up this round up post definitely made me hungry. Happy eating!

xoxo  — Bree