Meet the Member: Trevor from Cider Scene

Hello, My name is Trevor O’Malley and I am co-owner of CiderScene.   It is a blog focused on the cider culture in North America and our promotion of the industry.  We focus on the cider makers, varieties of ciders and the events going on.  We take a fun and approachable direction on the industry that appeals to cider newbies and experts alike.

When did you start blogging and what inspired you to start you blog?

My brother and I started the blog about 2 years ago but we drew inspirations from his poetry blogs and beer blogs out there.  We were driven to cider after a trip to Woodchuck’s cidery in Vermont and our passion for craft cider only grew from there.  After this point my brother moved to Nashville and we decided to work on this together since we already had great coverage over the US.

What is your favorite blog post that you have written?

My favorite post is our look into the healthy side of cider.

What do you love about blogging?

The best part about blogging is connecting with the different communities and brands. We have met some great friends working with our blog and tried ciders from across the world that we never would have before.

What are some brands that you have worked with, or some brands that you would love to work with?

We have worked with some of the largest cideries in the United States such as Blakes Hard Cider Company and Woodchuck Cider.  The variety of producers continues to grow and ideally, we want to connect somehow with each brand!